Book Debut

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Book Synopsis:

The world has been unified into a one world order by a charismatic man named Charon Malphas. His wife senses a change in him, he is not the loveable rogue he used to be. She senses something has “gotten into him”, he has become aggressive, cold and unfeeling, but why?

Kagan Hassard is a physically strong and powerfully minded man who is plunged into a place of darkness when events beyond his control lead to the death of his baby daughter. Blaming himself, he spirals out of control and loses his wife and his 2 other children to his brother. With nothing to live for he is seen by Necronomicon, his military unit and by his men, as highly dangerous and volatile.

The Haaken who embrace all religions and faiths are being hunted by Necromicon as Malphas declared all religions treason, and now the faithful are being hunted worldwide. Kagan has set an ambush for a group of Haaken but the plan goes wrong, and Kagan is faced with a child who is the image of his little girl. His instinct is to protect and save her.  His men are returning, and he takes a course of action that turns him into the hunted. The prophecy begins to unfold, the key must be found, the prophecy unlocked. Unleashing the armies of heaven and hell to fight the battle that will once and for all decide the fate of all creation.

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